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Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System -an Ipad...

The Christmas  season is quickly sneaking up on us, leaving us to plan our  holiday shopping for the coming season. .One toy that is showing up on many Santa list is  Fisher Price IXL Learning System.

Unlike many other learning computers that had been previously made by Fisher Price, the Fisher Price IXL Learning System was created with the iPad in mind, giving children a touch screened computer that allows them to be just like Mom and Dad.

These days, even  the  young preschoolers  want cool digital devices. Wait ’til they get their hands on iXL—the learning, entertainment and media center just for kids. Like them, it’s small but powerful. Full of creative fun. And very, very smart. It flips open and turns from a book to a game player and so much more—it’s like having six digital devices in one! Kids will love all the different ways to play, learning important fundamentals along the way. Folds closed for on-the-go fun

Base system includes:
• 1 interactive story and activity
• 1 learning game
• Writing activities
• Art tools and stampers
• Music sampler
• Sample photo images
• And it’s easy to add more!

For children who are constantly on the go, the Fisher Price IXL Learning System is an ideal Christmas gift, designed for children ages 3 to 7. This iPad like device is perfect for entertaining children in the car  or in a waiting room.  The fun factor is high on the iXL. I feel like it's educational enough for  preschoolers . It's a good introduction to basic skills and following directions, and it really works on fine motor skills, so it's a great introduction to letter writing.  It has been priced at $65-$70 and since this is a hot item there maybe some Black Friday deals out there.  

Before deciding to go purchase the Fisher Price I XL Learning System, make sure you go to first to learn a bit more about this toy.

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