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Five Year Old Development

I love development!
As an educator for Early Intervention in my pre-mommy years, I was able to hone my skills and really learn how to evaluate babies and small children. After that job, I was in Special Education for older kids and tested constantly...and I loved it.
My friends often asked if I could jot down some milestones for them to look for...and here it is. I couldn't have done it without my co-author, Jojo - the best OT in the world.
If you like this I have development from infancy - all the way to Age 5. Watch for it in the next few weeks!


Gross Motor
• Marches rhythmically to music and skips
• Increased poise and coordination
• Walks up and kicks a ball
Fine Motor
• Hand preference is fully established
• Makes recognizable figures out of play dough
• Copies a triangle
• Ties knots
• Will remember the plans for the day and will sequence the activities accordingly
• Learning captures their attention making it a perfect time to attend concerts, productions, and museums
• Separates fact from fantasy
• Completes 25 piece puzzle
• Has a large and continuously expanding vocabulary (approximately 2000 words)
• Answers telephone and finds person requested
• Delivers two part verbal messages
• Has a basic sense of right from wrong
• Cooperates and takes turns
• Understands when they are being punished or praised and will respond accordingly
• Chooses their own friends
• Plays competitive board and card games
• Prepares sandwich
• Can help fold and sort laundry and match socks
• Wipes nose with tissue
• Toilets independently and may or may not stay dry at night
• Can make own bed
• Dressing: dresses and undresses without assistance, buttons small buttons, and learns to tie shoelaces

P.S. EVERY child is different, this is only a framework for 'typical' development.  Please ask your Pediatrician or teacher if you need any help assessing your child if you feel there may be an issue.

This is great - thanks!
Yeah, but can a 13 year old boy get his clothes into the hamper? I think their development regresses at this age! Heehee.
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