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Flat Tire? Keep this in your trunk....

If you ever find yourself with a slow leak or a flat tire - Fix-a-Flat is a great item to have in your trunk.  Yes, this little thing really will fix your flat. Even huge pick-up and SUV tires. No need to jack up. Just press the nozzle - whizzzz - and it repairs and re-inflates your tire. You definitely should carry one in your car or truck. At $5 it is cheaper than getting your tire repaired at a shop.

But that's not the best thing it offers. This amazing can of stuff will also prevent flats and slow leaks. Fix-A-Flat inserts a complex liquid into your tire. Leaking air instantly polymerizes it to plug up any hole.  Although I have not used the industrial version of this invention, farmers and the army use a similar compound to keep their gigantic tires going.

This consumer version works great as a flat cure. I need to pump up my treated tires far less often, even the tires with chronic leaks in them, and have had no flats on well-worn tires.

You can find Fix-a-Flat at most hardware stores for about $5. 

I think it depends on the brand as well -there are actually several different brands and some say it can be a permanent fix. I used one of these on my tire several months ago and it's been great. The leak in my tire was very small, though. Take a close look at the back of the can to see if the one you are buying is permanent. Also, consider buying the larger SUV version even if you have a regular car - if your tire is completely flat, you may need the bigger version to fully inflate it.
Linda S.
Fix a flat is a tempoary solution. It's a great product, but I believe it says on the can not to drive on the tire that you used it on for too long. I think it eventually damages the inside of the tire. I've known people who've used it for a long time, but you should get a new tire after you use this.
Fix-a-Flat actually works this well. I don't kow about adding it as a preventitive, but when you do get a leaky flat, it works very, very well. I used it in June when I got a flat in Connecticut. I figured I'd get a new tire when I got back to Mass the next day, but the tire has been just fine since then. Great stuff!
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