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FlourTortillas Make Leftovers Fun

Because I live far from the grocery store, we try to do most of our shopping at Costco so we only have to shop once a month or so. Recently, I bought flour tortillas in bulk to make burritos.  I ended up with lots and lots of tortillas that I had nothing to do with and there was no way I was going to make burritos every night for a month - no matter how good they were. 

Of course, I also hate to waste good and I had about 100 perfectly good flour tortillas in my refrigerator, so I had to get creative.  Then I realized that they can be used for all kinds of things and we've found so many ways to make leftovers fun.  Here's just a few ideas: 

~ Leftover Sloppy Joes meat can be wrapped in a tortilla for a quick lunch.  

~ We made orange chicken the other night and I had some leftover, so the next day I heated up my leftover orange chicken, set it in the tortilla, and added a little cheese.  It was yummy!  The same would work with any other kind of leftover chicken. 

~ Fish can be used to make "fish tacos." You can garnish your tacos with anything you want - cheese, lettuce, tarter sauce, etc. 

~ My kids love to put peanut butter and jelly on them. Not really a leftover, but they like it. 

~ Leftover steak can be cut into pieces and turned into a wonderful wrap. Again, you can add whatever condiments and garnishes that you like.  

~ You can make a veggie wrap with leftover salad, or add some lunch meat for more flavor.  

I'm sure there's a ton of other ways to use flour tortillas for leftovers. My kids have never been real thrilled about leftover food, but this seems differnet enough to them that they'll eat it without complaint.  

We use tortillas all the time to sometimes stretch a meal
Nancy N.
You know they freeze well.
Mischel S.
I also use hem for BBQ leftovers. They are usually cheaper then using regular hamburger or hot dog buns
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