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Food Shows That You Must See

"Gone are the days of boring cooking shows. Try some fun road trips to find local flavors, big eating competitions, bizarre international foods, and humorous scientific cooking!"- from the page.

Article discusses interesting, educational, bizzare, competative, and fun food shows on T.V. For example one of the shows discussed, Alton Browns, Good Eats, uses scientific principles, laughs, skits, etc.. to get both adults and kids interested in the same time the viewer is learning about science and gadgets too. Article has interesting breakdown of the shows and hosts that include: Adam Richman, Andrew Zimmern, guy Fieri, etc.. I have not watched all the shows, but it is sure good to know that food T.V is not boring and stiff anymore. I think it is a good thing that food T.V. is more fun, interesting, and can capture the imagination of children better. 

Gi S.
Eating competition shows are a slap in the face of all the hungry people in all the developing countries and the world including the US. I suggest you boycott them and don't give them any ratings especially when they are on a "Travel" channel!!!!!!!!
David U.
`I think Alton Brown is one of the most informative cooking shows on tv ever,I love alton brown show good eats, The best !!!!!! David Updegrove jr.
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