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Four Year Old Development

Here are some fun developmental milestones for a 4 year old. Every child develops in their own way and time. Use this as a little framework to see all the fun things they can do! :)
Gross Motor
• Jumps over objects, gallops and somersaults
• Bounces and catches a ball
• Hangs from monkey bar
• Names 6-8 colors and 3-4 shapes
• Understands concepts of size and position (the doll is on the bed)
• Tells made up stories
• Asks “how?” and “why?”
• Follows simple rules
• Counts objects up to 10
• Begins to rhyme
Fine Motor
• Traces letters and numbers
• May print name
• Holds writing utensil properly, using thumb and index/middle fingers (tripod grasp)
• Draws recognizable pictures
• Copies geometric shapes (circles, squares, cross)
• Pretends to read books or newspapers
• Language is used well now and they can express their needs nicely
• Speaks 6-8 word sentences
• Links one and two sentences together
• Recognizes some letters
• Will share all ideas that come to mind
• Has a very active imagination and participates in make believe play with a storyline
• Says “please” and “thank you”
• Willing to try new things
• Questions differences in gender and race to define who they are
• Puts garbage into a trash pail
• Washes and dries face and brushes teeth independently
• May bathe independently with help to wash hair
• Helps with some meal preparation
• Dressing: dresses and undresses with little assistance, puts shoes on correct feet, needs help with tying, but can do Velcro and buckles

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