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Free, Easy Cash and Prizes - Honestly!

I've been getting cash and prizes for about 12 years, in exchange for answering surveys about new products or services. Do you remember Carol Adams and her Family Opinions service from years ago? Well, it's all online now. Go to the website and join for free. When they have a survey that fits your profile, they will email you. You go to the website, answer the questions, and accumulate points towards cash or prizes, or to make a charitable donation. I have recieved many, many ten dollar checks! I also have received many products in the mail which I had to use and then fill out a short online survey. Sometimes they will send three full-size laundry detergents and all you have to do is compare them in a 5 minute survey. You get the detergent plus you accumulate the points. The best part is seeing the new product at the store, maybe with improvements you suggested!

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