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If you, your children, or anyone else in your family plays or wants to play the guitar, sign up for the free newsletter from Ultimate Guitar Online. It's a weekly newsletter that's sent via email, full of guitar tips, practice advice, buying guides, guitar reviews and much more. 

Ultimate Guitar Online is a website that has a lot of information on guitars and guitar playing that was built by a player, instructor, and builder of guitars.  He apparently spent years teaching, mostly children, how to play the guitar, so there is lots of information that is pertinent for children.  

I've emailed questions to the website about my own 13-year old who is just learning to play and I always get a response that is helpful within less than 24 hours.  I've also heard that the site is going to add a discussion board very soon and they are planning to add an area that's just for kids who play guitar  - to talk to other kids, ask questions, etc. and it's going to be moderated at all times by the site owners to make sure that it stays safe and appropriate for kids.  

So, if your kids play or are considering playing, or if you play the guitar yourself and are looking for guitar tips to help you get better, this newsletter should help you.  If you don't like newsletters coming to your email, the main site is still full of useful information and you can always email questions and know you'll get answers! 

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