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Frere Jacques Let’s have some fun with this old time song that is always popular and makes for a good sing-along song. This lessons quite shore, but very important. Int this lesson we will be playing the last half of the song in the 3rd postion.

You may find this song quite a challenge because you are not used to playing in a postion other than the 1st position.

Also great news!! This is our first lesson with Guitar Pro 6. I have giving this a thorough try and I love it. Many great new features and much easier to use. Download a free trial version of it. Guitar Pro 6.

About This Lesson:

First of all this lesson in played in the key of G major. Notice the F# key signature at the beginning of the first measure. This means ALL F notes will be played sharp, even though they aren’t marked.
It is very popular to play this song in a round. A round is where one instrument starts playing the song and after a few measures, a second instrument joins in and harmonizes with the first instrument. This is a very beautiful effect and you should work hard to accomplish it.

Learning Points:

Play The Song In The Key of G Major:
Remember the F’s all are played sharp. That means play the F# on the 2nd fret 1st string, and play the F# on the 4th fret 4th string. The sharp moves the note up by only one fret.

Play the 2nd Half of the Song in the 3rd Position:

Shift your left hand higher by 2 whole frets or (2) 1/2 steps. This means you play the 3rd fret notes with the 1st finger, the 4th fret notes with the 2nd finger, the 5th fret notes with the 3rd finger and the 6th fret notes with the 4th finger. I will have a video on this to demonstrate how to do this too. Watch for that.

Play as a Round:
Start out playing the Guitar Pro version of this song. Set the tempo very slowly. Let the guitar pro lead get to the beginning of the 3rd fret before you begin to play at the first fret.

Carefully play along with the Guitar Pro and watch your tab. This will be difficult at first and it is easy to get mixed up. Hang in there you will get it with lots of practice.

Watch Your Repeats:
This song is played through 2 times. The reason you should know this is the repeat signature at the beginning and end of the song (this is the symbol with the light and dark bar with a double dot in front of or in back of the double bar. It means “go back to the other repeat symbol and play to this point once more”.

About the Tab Notes:The most important part of this lesson is playing in the 3rd postion. The easiest way to do this is to anchor your first finger on the 3rd fret of the 2nd string and leave it there until you have finished the entire passage.
You can see this in the Tab Notes at the beginning of the 5th fret. Simply hold this first finger into postion until you have played all the remaining notes until the end of the song. This is called to “Anchor” your finger.

Articles You Should Read:

Music Theory You Should Know:

Time Signature
Treble Clef
G Scale
TAB Staff

Frere Jacques - Guitar Pro File (Free Download)
Frere Jacques - PDF File (Free Download)

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