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Free Samples....Why Request Them??

Free Samples!
Is requesting free samples worth your time? Does filling out all the forms feel laborious to you? Do you find yourself passing up these offers? If so, read on.

Before I started getting serious about couponing, I would usually pass up the, "Free Sample" offers. Why? Because I always felt that filling out the forms where to time consuming for the little samples that I would get. view of free samples has completely changed over the past year. Now, I look at them as a great addition to maximizing my total savings on food and household items. An example of this would be the above picture. I sent away for a free sample of a Fiber One Bar, and Cereal. The offer stated that it would come with $5.00 worth of Fiber One Coupons. know I jumped on that offer right away. I love Fiber One products!!
Well as with most free samples, I request them, and then forget about them until they come in the mail. There was no exception about the Fiber One Offer. Once I ordered it, I totally forgot about it. So here is were the beauty of the samples come in.

I wanted to really maximize the Fiber One deal at Target this week! So I printed out all the coupons from here and here and used them all. I even had my daughter fire up her computer to print some extras. Well...after about 3 times of trying to print from my daughter's computer I gave up, because I couldn't figure out how to send it to my printer. So later that morning I went to the mail box to find my Fiber One Sample!! The box came with a free Fiber One bar, a sample size box of cereal and.....THE $5.00 worth of coupons!!! Yipee!! They were the very coupons I was trying so hard to get extra of!!

So guess who is going back to Target??? You guessed it...yours truly!!! "smile"

There are several other things you can do with these free samples. Here are just a few:

My daughters love having sleep overs and inviting several of their friends. So right now I have a box of all the free samples of deodorant, shampoos, razors, lotion and body wash that I've requested.
I bought some nice colorful lunch bags, and will be making several overnight goodie bags for all of their friends for the next "big sleep over"!!

You could buy a pretty basket, and fill them up with some nice samples and bring them to an elderly person in your church, or a nursing home.

You could also give them to your young daughters to use!! I know my girls love any thing that is small. They get very excited when they can have a small sized hand lotion to put in their pocket book, or use in the shower.

How about the "baby samples"? You could do up a nice little gift basket for a baby shower!!

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with all of the free samples I offer on my blog. If you have been over-looking these little guys, and would like to order them, click on "samples" on the link provided at the top of my blog! Then start enjoying the great things about Free Samples!!

What do you do with your FREE SAMPLES?? I would love to hear what you all have to say. Please leave a comment below!!

~ Deb ~

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Lisa L.
I love getting free samples too and if I can't use them, I pass them onto someone house or donate the items to the food pantry in our area.
Love, love, LOVE free samples! Stocked up on M&M's this summer with their weekly offer of a FREE bag, got that same FiberOne sample pack, always filling out requests for feminine products to stick in the car, purse, etc., and fill out just about every FREE offer I can! What a money saver! Thanks for your great ideas and the encouragement to keep saving!
Ashlee B.
Thank you! I never considered making little gift packs for the children..or using them for sleepovers! Ashlee
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