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Frugal Living and Having Fun Along The Way

Do you want to live a more simple and Frugal Life? If so read on....

In light of our economic down-turn, we all need a little break from the age old saying of, “Tying To Make Ends Meet”. That is were Frugal Living And Having Fun comes in. It is a community of readers, just like you and me, that come together to share coupons, freebies, giveaways, recipes, and how they are saving money in these economic times.

It is a positive, fun place to go to get away from all the rising prices everywhere you go. Each day brings new coupons, that can save you on everyday things, along with where to use the coupons while giving you the best buying power.

There are also daily tips on how to maximize your savings on household and food items you need to buy for your families.

Best of all our community of frugal readers encourage one another to do better. Our readers give each other encouragement to do better with meal and grocery list “planning” while having fun along the way.

At Frugal Living And Having Fun we give ideas on how to have fun with our families with out spending a lot of money. We all just want to slow down and live a more simple and frugal life.

Please join our community and start saving by going to

Don't forget to sign up for our daily e-mails. We currently have a “back-to-school” giveaway worth over $100.00 dollars.

If you have any question, please e-mail Deb Sutherland @

Looking forward to seeing you on my website!!

Deb ~ Frugal Living And Having Fun!

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