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Fun Body Paint for Kids

My kids love bubble baths, the problem is that one of them is prone to bladder infections and her frequent bubble bath habit was causing serious problems and lots of trips to her pediatrician.  Thankfully I found these fun body paints for kids by Avon.  They come in a variety of different colors and scents and are really cheap. 

Bath time has aways been fun here, so I'm thrilled that I found something to at least help to make up for the loss of bubble bath!  

You can buy the body paints from the main Avon website, but it's easier to buy them from your local Avon rep if you have one. They are typically $1.99 for each body paint, but if you watch for sales, you can almost always get them for $1.79 and I've picked them up for 99 cents a piece many times before. The trick is to buy lots of them when you see them on sale. 

They also make a great gift for any little girl in your life.   

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