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Fun Math Worksheets: Math Fact Cafe

Math Fact Cafe is a great website for elementary school math practice. They provide free printable math worksheets for school and home use. This includes generators for math drills, flashcards, time, and money! Here are some of the features of Math Facts Cafe:

  • Build your own worksheets with 19 options
  • Email me Daily Feature: allows you to receive your fact sheet on a daily basis. You will automatically receive an email which will include an Internet link to re-generate your fact sheet. The daily fact sheet will contain all your customized settings, but will contain a new set of "shuffled" fact sheet problems (so each day's problems are completely different).
  • Print out pre-made worksheets (over 16 types of addition worksheets for 1st graders alone!!)
  • Math Flashcard generator - over 32 types for grades 1-3
  • Play math games (trivia, peg board and maze craze) and more!

Fabulous for making math practice a little more fun - kids can even do the sheets online and check themselves!

Want more math practice? Try Mathcats, Superkids, APlusMath, TutPup, BBC Math Games and Noetic Learning.

Maybe do your kids want a fun way to learn telling time? Try the FlashMaster or one of these great kids' watches.

Elaine R.
This is a Great Website,Thanks Zip and to all the online educational sites that help educate our children.
Amy L.
Very very cool!!! Thank
Manisha M.
Great website!!!!!!!!!! , Thanks a lot.
Very cool !! Thanks
Ccc C.
AWESOME!!! Thanks.
Al H.
Need printable subtracting mix number/fraction worksheets
Abiagil H.
Hey i this is alsome
This is an awesome site - Thanks for the tip!
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