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Fun Pass Fundraiser for Schools

The American Lung Association's Children's Fun Pass is great!  We get them every year - they pay for themselves.  The Children's Fun pass is created by Breathe New Hampshire.

Did you know that you can have a Fun Pass fundraiser at your school?  Here's the 2011 deal:

When offering a fundraiser, the Fun Pass books still cost $30. Your school/organization keeps $7.50 for every book sold. To offer the fundraiser, the fundraising chairperson sends out notification about the fundraiser along with a brochure explaining the Fun Pass. The chairperson collects the orders and money (checks made payable to the school/organization). When the fundraiser is completed, the order is sent to Breathe New Hampshire (total # of books and a check made payable to Breathe NH, $22.50 x # books sold). Once we receive the order, books are mailed out within 1-2 business days to the fundraising chairperson who would then distribute the books. Brochures and sample letters are provided by Breathe New Hampshire.

For a group purchase a minimum of 15 books should be the target. The books cost $25 instead of $30, which is approximately a 20% discount.

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