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Gel Ant Farm Makes Science Fun

If you have a child that enjoys science or likes learning about insects, the Gel Ant Farm by Fascinations is a great (and cheap) product. 

They've taken the traditional ant farm to the next level by creating one out of gel.  Apparently, the entire toy is based on some research that NASA did when they took ants to space to see how they would dig holes with no gravity.

The gel, which doubles as the ants food, allows kids (and adults) to watch from either side as the ants create their tunnels and live in something simlar to a regular habitat.  Plus, they require absolutely no attention from you.  Since the gel doubles as ant food, all you've got to do is watch them.  

The ants don't come with the product - you have the option of finding your own or buying them. They'll live about 3 months and then need to be replaced with new ants.  

The coolest thing about the gel ant farm is that it also comes with an LED light that works great as a night light and also lets your kids view their bugs in the dark - pretty darn cool! 

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