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Get Great Deals on Kids Books at Borders

If you haven't been in your local Borders recently, it's time to visit! You can get amazing clearance deals all the time on kids books at Borders and much more! I've gotten into a routine of stopping into Borders at least twice a month just to see what's on clearance.

I don't know how other Borders are set up, but at my store, there are great clearance items in the front. There's also a lot more spread around the store so you've got to poke around a little to find all the great stuff. Just in the last month, I've found:

- Books with Stickers for $3.99

- A small Cranium Travel Game for $2.99

- Journals for my kids - $2.99

-  Little Pet Shop Activity Sets with Books - $5.99

- Paper Doll Sets - $3.99

And lots, lots more stuff. My daughters actually beg me to go to the book store lately! It's a great place to pick up a cheap present that will look like you've spent a lot too!

Definitely check out the great kids books at Borders next time you drive by. You'll almost certainly find a great deal on something your kids will love that you can't pass up.  

For more information on great kids toys, visit The Best Kids Toys blog. 

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