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Getting Organized: Web Calendars

I used Trumba for a year and really liked it. But when they wanted me to renew for $100, I decided to look at all of the free web calendars out there first.

I’ve switched to Google Calendar and it is working well for me. We need a family calendar that we can access from anywhere and that emails us updates and reminders. Walt Mossberg reviewed Google Calendar in this WSJ article.

This Mossberg article is also useful : Testing the Flexibility Of Web-Based Calendars

Yahoo has one and some of the To Do List websites do too... See Walt Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal Personal Technology article on web to do lists at: Net-Based To-Do Lists Permit Collaboration By Family, Colleagues
Other web calendars include:

Lori H.
I have been using HomeLife by DayTimer and it's been great for me....and it's free. Might be with checking out if you are looking around for options.
We just started using Google Calendar too, and my wife and I are sharing our family events. It's a great way for us to share a calendar and put all of our key family vacations or school events on there. Plus, we use a lot of the Google services, so we can use our Google Account to login to all of them. They have some other neat services like iGoogle, which allows you to personalize you Google landing page with all kinds of neat widgets.
Thanks for the info...a web based calendar was way overdue for me!
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