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Getting Rid of Cockroaches Naturally

Living with Cockroaches is a way of life for those of us living in warm or tropical climates. We see these visitors usually at night, but they do not live in the home, as they prefer the outdoors. Let me tell you these are some BIG cockroaches we grow here in Hawaii. 

In the colder regions of the country, cockroaches tend to live indoors to get out of the cold of winter weather. Just because you have cockroaches does not mean you have a dirty house or that you are a poor housekeeper though. I built one house in the midwest and when the brick was delivered to the jobsite, it was full of cockroach eggs, this of course was a surprise to me. From that day on I had a cockroach problem.

If you find yourself with a cockroach problem, do be extra vigilant in keeping all food scrapes and crumbs cleaned up in the kitchen, on counters and out of the kids rooms. Any snacks should be contained and all other food sources should be put in sealed containers. 

I have found that the best form of home pest control of these pests is to pursue the organic pest control route. I prefer to use boric acid, which is a white powdery substance. The exact same product is sold under the name of Roach Pruf. Sprinkle this product along baseboards, in the cracks between the floor and baseboard. This can be done with a toothbrush. Also sprinkle in the back of cabinets and around the perimeter of your basement.

You can also utilize diatomaceous earth in a similar manner as the boric acid. This will kill cockroaches within about 48 hours after they walk through it. Most roaches should be gone within a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

A little known fact is that roaches do prefer high places. So anywhere you can place these 2 products up high, like on top of upper cabinets for instance, will kill them much quicker. 

Fran P.
Here in tropical south Texas, we have large flying roaches that migrate from outside. I have found that spraying countertops with a solution of 2 parts water and one part orange-scented dish soap (orange Dawn e.g.), leaving it overnight, and cleaning it during the day will help discourage and control roaches of all kinds. I was able to rid an apartment of the small roaches using this simple method.
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