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Getting your haircut with ease?

If you are a parent that is always with your child with little or no help because your spouse works a lot, or if you are a single parent, a task as simple as getting a haircut can be stressful.  How can you take your child with you?  If you have multiple children it can be much more tricky. But I will tell you tips that you can use if you have one child with you, perhaps it can be applied for 2 as well. It all depends on your children, their age and you if you could handle 2 children in a salon, but again some have no choice.

There are several options: no haircut, have a stylist come to you, go to a family style salon that caters to children, have a mommy and me pampering appointment! Some people do not have the means to have stylists come to them, or you may live in an area where people just don't do services on the go.  There could also be a scenario where salons in your area do not have a play area. If this is the case, then the alternatives are no cut, or take your child.

I have gone through periods without a haircut in the last 3 years as a mother and I could get away with it because my hair is straight and long. But, going too long without one can drive me batty after awhile.  So, I have taken my daughter with me when she was close to 2 and sat her in the stroller the whole time and all she did was laugh. But granted, I have one of those children that never throws tantrums or fits-my friends are plain envious.  Well, they should not be. I am a planner.  I have always had her on a schedule, her needs are always met and I have things with me to prepare for future needs!

This is what you do: Set an appointment after your child has had their meal. Still bring snacks along just in case.  Don't forget the essentials! For my new 3 year old that would be the sippy cup and the "banket." She rarely plays with toys when we are out, but I always have them on hand. In her backpack she has cars, a laptop, a Barbie, coloring books, crayons, and other random toys like binoculars and a kalediscope. Even if she doesn't play with them for the most part, they are a good distraction when she is getting restless. Another thing that I am planning on my upcoming appointment, since I have not had one in 6 mos is, an appointment together. I talked with the salon ahead and whomever is free will paint my daughter's toes and nails and put her hair up in a bow and I will pay 10 or 15 dollars and a tip.  I think that that is a cute idea.  But, if you have a boy the only real option would be a trim or haircut as well.

Remember parenthood is a time to enjoy, not be annoyed.  Yes, we all get annoyed, but thinking ahead can really make menial tasks seem fun. I hope that these tips help you when planning your next haircut!  Enjoy!

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