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Gifts for Twilight Fans

With the release of The Twilight Saga Eclipse   recently released on DVD.  Twilight merchase is all around for Twilight fans!


Twilight fan among your friends and family, then here are some of the best Christmas gifts that you can give them to put a smile on their face this holiday season.

Twilight Soundtrack
There are several different Twilight soundtracks to choose from for Christmas gifts. There is the soundtrack for the original Twilight movie, the 2nd movie New Moon  and then there is the new soundtrack for The Twilight Saga:.
Eclipse There are also soundtracks that you can get for all 3  of the Twilight movies that are simply the score only. Twilight music can make a great inexpensive Christmas gift that a Twilight fan will still love and use all the time.

The Twilight Books

Most people know that the Twilight movies are based off the series of books by Stephanie Meyer. There are a total of 4 books in the Twilight saga. There are boxed sets that you can buy that will save you money on Christmas gifts or you can choose to go even less expensive route and only give one of the books for a Christmas book. There are still some Twilight fans who may have not read all the books, so this is still an option for new fans to the vampire saga.

There are places that sell Twilight
jewelry that are exact replicas of the pieces that the characters wear in the movie and the books. Some of the Twilight jewelry that makes great Christmas gifts is Bella's ring, a Cullen crest necklace or bracelet such as Alice's choker, and a Bella and Edward charm bracelet. There are several other Twilight jewelry pieces that can be found online at Amazon.  and at boutiques as well

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