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Goofy Granny Apples Game: Fun Counting Game for...

My 7 year old received Granny Apples for her birthday and it is fun & exciting. You need to be able to do quick math in your head to win - it is great practice during the summer! A description of the game from the creator:

In this fast action dice game, race against your opponents to count the exact number of apples scattered in play. Watch out for birds, Worms and apple pies that take away from the total. Count as quickly as you can and be the first to shout out the answer, but don't make a mistake or else you give granny an apple!

My only "complaint" is that her younger sibling can't play with her since she is too young. It is made by the great Gamewright game company and has won the following awards:

  • Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Parenting Magazine Toy of the Year
  • Reviews
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