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Granite Countertops - Give Your Kitchen a Facelift...

Granite countertops, which are a natural stone product will give your kitchen extra sparkle and class especially if you are looking to replace your cabinets. The beauty of a granite kitchen is hard to match anywhere else in the house and you should also consider using granite vanity tops as well, to bring consistency throughout your home remodeling project.

Before you consider a natural stone product you should visit local home design centers to see what is available in your area of the country. Check local availability,  installation contractors and make sure if you are using existing cabinets, that they will take the added weight of the granite countertop.

The quality of fabrication and installation are the two most important factors you will want to consider. Be sure to check references of local installers and suppliers to verify the quality of their work. Things to look for in an installed product.

  •  Are the stone slabs matching in color and pattern where the granite countertops are seamed? With the exception of highly figured slabs you should only see a minimal change in pattern or color.
  • Are the joints nice and tight? Rub your finger over the joint. You should barely be able to feel where it is. It should also be very tight 1/16" at the very most.
  • Get down at a low angle and view across the slab to check for any cracks, polishing imperfections and installation defects.
  • Check the method in which to slabs are supported on the cabinets. Granite countertops are very fragile when spanning from cabinet to cabinet or forming a cantilever for a countertop bar. There should be usage of either cabinet-quality plywood or stainless steel supports in these areas. 

When you start checking the pricing of granite countertops or natural stone, keep in mind the granite slab cost will be the smallest proportion of the total installed price. I would consider it a good idea that the installer of the kitchen counters also be the fabricator. This eliminates finger-pointing and puts the most responsibility on one person

Although costly, granite gives you a look that is unmatched by any counter material out there. 

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