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Great Emergency Chart for Kids Too Young to Read...

Being the mother of a 5 y/o and (a very anxious) 6 y/o I am always drilling the kids on calling 911 in an emergency situation.  We discuss what IS and what ISN'T an emergency.  I've even walked them through what the 911 operator will ask them and how they should respond.  In light of all of our "training" I sense my kids would be too affraid to call 911.

Fearing this I've created our own family emergency phone number "picture" chart as they are not quite able to read yet (but do know their numbers) and would be completely panicked should they find ME on the floor unresponsive. 

At the top of the page I have pictures of a police car, ambulance and fire truck and underneath the pictures in a big, bold font "911".  I then inserted a head shot of each family member with their phone number right next to their picture so at least that person could act appropriately.  I also included 2 neighbors that I know are home alot.  I put the pictures in order according to their "reachability".  I laminated our chart and have it securely taped right by the phone (at their eye level).

I've had each child show me that they can go to the chart and dial the number.  An added benefit to this potentially live saving tool, I've found it has alleviated alot of anxiety for the kids (I didn't realize they felt) and somehow given them a sense of more control.  

~ I continue to stress the importance of calling 911 first ~

Kim S.
That is even a good idea for people with diabilities. Thanks for the tip. I think I will try the idea on some of the clients that I work with.
Tasha P.
I though this was an great idea that you have come up with.
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