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Great Family Field Trip

I took the kids to Fairfield for a Tour of the Jelly Belly Factory last week - By the time we got back their bellies were certainly full of jelly beans!  It was a fun tour which lasts about 40 minutes, you walk above the actual factory, where workers are in the process of making the candy, they have assigned stops with screens where you watch and learn about the history of the company as well as the production.... The have some really cool robots that do a lot of the heavy lifting (my 6 year old's favorite part), and at the end of the tour you get a complimentary bag of jelly beans!  After the tour, you can stay and have lunch at the cafeteria, where they serve jelly bean shaped pizzas, hot dogs and burgers!  (The pizza was really good). Also, on the day we went they were sampling their new product 'Beanboozle' - a specialty box with 20 flavors but only ten colors, kids had fun 'taking the dare' it plum or black pepper? coconut or baby wipe?  They also have sampling bar and of course, tons of jelly bean flavors for purchase. Check out their website

This is a great reason to pack up and fly west...this place sounds like tons of fun! Thank for sharing...I didn't even know you could tour a place like that!
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