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Great Family Vacation for Toddlers- Sesame Place...

If you are looking for a fun trip to take with toddlers and preschoolers, Sesame Place is worth your time and money.   The park has a number of rides (wet and dry), wading pools and sprinkler areas.  The characters are visible throughout the day, perform a number of shows and have 2 parades daily.  This is the best part for children who enjoy Sesame characters because they have many opportunities to see them and have their picture taken.  The shows are scheduled frequently, and are about 30 minutes each which is perfect for little ones' attention span.

The park is small enough to cover in a day or two, and has enough variety for children of all ages.  Bathing suits and swimmy diapers are a necessity, half of the attractions are water-related.  There are two nursing rooms available, and plenty of restrooms.  The park has a number of restaurants with casual food, which is moderately priced.  We brought sandwiches and drinks, which saved money.  Bags are checked to ensure no glass is brought into the park, but our drinks and snacks were allowed.  Weekends are much more crowded than weekdays, so if you can go mid-week you will avoid lines for shows and rides.

It is located in Langhorne PA, 5 hours from Boston (without traffic) and has many nearby hotels. We have stayed in hotels in Princeton, about 20 minutes away and in the Ramada in Levittown for 40-50.00/night from Priceline.  We have gone three times now, and purchase the season passes for 69.50 and one for 95.50 which covers parking (otherwise up to 16.00/day).  We have had great experiences and look forward to our next trip. 

Thanks for the tip! We have never been and this will be helpful as we plan our trip. Thanks!
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