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Great family vacation place in Vermont

My husband, two young daughters and I have vacationed at Tyler Place for two years in a row and we love it so I thought I'd share some info.  Tyler Place is up in northwestern Vermont on Lake Champlain. It's a family-run business that's been catering to family vacationers for many years. Essentially, it's a bit like going to camp with your kids. Each family stays in a cabin that's like a small home. A few of the accommodations have 2 or 3 units but most are single-family. The children are together with kids their age (and counselors) from 8:30am through 1:30pm and then again from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Afternoons are reserved for "family time".

Positives (in our opinion)

- The age groups for the children are quite discreet. For example, Daughter #1 was in a group that ranged from age 2.5 to 4 years. In other words, they don't try to put your 3-year-old with a bunch of 9-year-olds.

- They cater to children as young as infants. The youngest children are assigned one-on-one "parents' helpers" (essentially nannies), provided by Tyler Place.

- The childrens' activities are fabulous. A typical day for our 3-year-old was:

--- 8:30 - breakfast with group

--- 9:30am - fishing trip (yes, she caught a real fish)

--- 11am - craft project

--- noon - lunch with group

--- 12:30 - nature walk with a professional guide

--- afternoon - We napped but if your kids don't want to sleep, they have lots of family activities to choose from

--- 5:30pm - dinner with group followed by puppet show

- The adult activities are fun, too. We did yoga, a ropes course, water aerobics and a nature walk. But there's everything from golf to archery to water skiing to manicures.

- The food is not fancy but is very good. Plus, mom & dad get to eat lunch and dinner in the *adults-only* dining room in the main lodge every day.

- The accommodations are also not fancy but are totally fine. Importantly, there are no phones or TVs in the cabins so you can truly get away from it all.

- Baby sitters are in plentiful supply if you want to stay out past 8:30. They have evening adult activities such as a jazz trio or "game night" if you want to socialize with other families or you can find a quiet spot to be alone in the lounge.

- They have programs for children through the early teen years, so the place "works" for families with children of varying ages.

- Best of all, the children have a great time while mom & dad get some much-needed R&R, too.

Negatives (again, in our opinion)

- It took us 5 hours to drive there from Boston (including a 45-minute stop along the way)

- To get a "prime" week, you have to book quite a bit in advance. They give priority to returning guests and people tend to go there year after year. However, I'd say you could have a great time whether it was high summer, late spring or early fall (they're not open in winter). 

- It ain't cheap (but we truly felt that we got good value for the price)

They have a web site.  Just google Tyler Place and you'll find it.

Kate P.
We are going this year for the second time. Savings tips - If you can schedule on the non-peak weeks (May and Labor Day Week) - it can cost A LOT less. Also, the farther you stay from the main building lowers the cost as well...and its never more than a 10 minute walk regardless. WELL WORTH any price! :)
Audrey D.
Totally agree! We went to the Tyler Place for the first time in 2008 and will be returning this summer. It is pricey, but WELL WORTH the money!
I have heard amazing things about Tyler Place. Thanks so much for the great tip!
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