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Great Game Night Fundraisers from Gamewright

Want a fund way to raise funds for your school?  Host a Game Night with Gamewright games.  Gamewright has created many fun, award-winning educational games - Granny ApplesFowl Play, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Sleeping Queens, Scrambled States, and more!  Here's how a Gamewright Fundraiser works:

  1.  Coordinate a date, time and location with your school.
    • usually a two hour block between 6pm and 9pm.
  2. Contact Gamewright with your date, time, and shipping address.
    • Gamewright will send out promotional posters and flyers to distribute through classrooms.
    • Two weeks before your event Gamewright will ship out demo games to play along with cases of games to sell. Games range in retail price from $5 - $15 and your school retains 50% of the proceeds for all games sold during the GameNight.
  3. Enlist volunteers.
    • The number of volunteers depends on your estimated turnout but figure 5+ broken down as follows:
    • 1 volunteer to staff sales table & 1 volunteer to staff demo games table
    • 3+ “Game Gurus” to learn and help teach games (Obviously, the more Game Gurus, the better)
  4. Promote your GameNight.

Your school has the opportunity to sell games during the event and earn up to fifty percent of the profits from games sold!

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