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Great Ideas for Troop Care Packages

A number of people I know have been putting care packages together to send to the troops.   I chatted with a friend who has been serving in the Navy for 20 years and although anything is appreciated, she had some good ideas for useful items to include in a Troop Care Package.   

  • anything home baked that will survive 1-4 weeks of extreme conditions (cookies/brownies/fudge all seem to work)
  • candy (chocolate, gummy stuff!)
  • books
  • homemade CDs
  • items for people in the field (wet wipes, hand sanitizer, powder, nice boot socks, powdered drink mix like for iced tea, granola bars, other snacks or single serving items that aren't too heavy and don't require refrigeration)
  • small games, playing cards
  • U.S. or holiday themed items

It is a good idea for the packages to contain 1 or more of the top 3 items.   If you do cookies or other baked goods, put the cookies on one heavy paper plates, wrap with plastic wrap, then put it against another plate with cookies or against an empty plate and wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil to keep them fresh and to protect them in shipment.  

Cardboard boxes that 6 bottles of wine come in are perfectly sized for carepackages. Just line them with newspaper, put in the cookies and candy, and any other goods in there - seal it and put on a printed label from your computer.   It's pretty easy and so appreciated.    Make a soldier's day!  :)

Rachel D.
Thank you for your posting. However, we do not recommend chocolate or meltable candies. Often the season is opposite ours and chocolate melts badly. Also, empty pringles cans work great for shipping cookies in. Empty single serving pepsi or pop bottles filled with powdered laundry soap are also great to throw in their ruck sacks. Stickers and children's items such as candy and stickers are good because they like to share with local kids. Please take a moment to visit our site, free, We need citizens to adopt soldiers that are on our waiting list. When you adopt a soldier, you will receive a personalized list of things they would like or use that they have provided us, for example, some request boot socks or batteries etc. This is a free, we charge nothing, and currently our requests from our soldiers are overwhelming. Check us out, we provide you with the address and name and specifics. look for the 'adopt a soldier' banner.
Molly S.
The Freeport Flag Ladies in Maine are sending popcorn packages to troops overseas. You can choose to have it sent to your service member or to anyone they know of who is in need of a little care. The cost (including shipping!) is $15 and you get 18 bags of unbelievable butter microwave popcorn and a 28 oz bag of caramel almond corn sent overseas. Check it out at
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