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Great "Learn to Read" website for kids

I found this great little interactive website called Starfall for kids that helps in all stages of learning to read.  From letter recognition to phonics and sounds to early reading, it's a really cute way to get your kids to reinforce their reading skills.

It's very cute, completely free, and one of the better ones I've found out there.

Kara H.
We still have Starfall, but prefer She uses Starfall to play on her own, and it made her proficient in using a mouse, but there is better structure and accountability with ABCmouse.
Lois R.
This is an outstanding site! It was created by someone who suffered with dyslexia his whole life. He hired reading experts and web designers. It is really worth it to subscribe to the MoreStarfall section...we use it with our K-2 students in my computer lab and in their classrooms. There are worksheets to print for letter formation practice and so much more.
Kristen P.
You could also register your child for a class. My son is currently taking a class at Hooray for Books in Hopkinton, MA. It brings learning to read to the next level and the teachers make the books come alive. There is also cooking in every class and my son loves that part! The slogan says it all- "Creative Classes Where Kids Look, Cook & Devour Good Books!" All classes are 2 hours long so us moms really get a break. These classes are a great mix of teaching kids to read by using fun cooking activities and reading games. The business has been open for 10 years and the owner has 5 kids of her own. She's also got a funny blog and uses humor a ton in the classes age 2-10. Check it out
Sarah B.
Also, is a great site it maybe connected with Starfall because it has songs about Starfall. My two year old grandson love it. And it free
Beverly M.
Great site my son loves it
Patty V. is another great resource. It has worksheets as well as links to other educational sites. You have to explore all that it offers in all subject areas!
Melanie M.
My daughter's school uses Starfall and mentioned it to me early on in her school career. I love the way the words are on screen and spoken for the child to hear. I love the games too, especially the recycling game.
This is also a good site when your child start learning how to read. Some famous people reading it, also. My 6 years old loves this site, and the school used this site, also.
Brenda A.
I use this in my kindergarten class. I think it really helps many of my kids.I also send it home for parents to use there. Don't forget to use the printables if you can.
Joan M.
Starfall is a good website for little kids. I have been using it with my daughter since was 2. However, the website needs to be updated.
Carol H.
I found this site a couple months ago and my daughter who's 6 and in Kindergarten looooves it! We do it together and it's easy enough for her to do alone! Best of all, it's free.
Dena C.
I have used this site in my kindergarten class and the kids love it. My daughter is in the 2nd grade and still loves to go back and check out the activities.
Jennifer B.
I love this website too. As Dennis said you could read to your child. But I think you could actually do both! Read to your child AND let them play on the computer because they are both valuable.
Julia W.
This is an excellent web site. My daughter loves it.
Sue W.
I have been a kindergarten aide for several years and this is the website we always start our children out on. They LOVE it!
Iva H.
I have been homeschooling my granddaughter for 2 years ,she is in 2nd grade .i can never get enough printable worksheets in any subject.have any ideas?
Thomasina A.
Thanks this looks good for my 5 yr old thanks again
Rakisha K.
My daughter is 4 and half year's old, and she's been using this website for about a year. It is one of the few sites that I feel comfortable with her clicking around on without supervision. (Since my husband does so much work on the the computer, she wants to work on it too.) She loves it--especially the little stories where they sound out the words as you click on them. (She's pretty handy with a mouse.) She goes around the house sounding out all words, now. "Food. F-f-f--food!"
Katie D.
Excellent site! I found this site a few months ago and my 3 year old son can now easily recognize all of his letters! He loves it. Any time I sit at the computer he wants to kick me off to play the alphabet game. Who can say no to that!!
Nuria C.
Thank you so much for sharing this web site, I think it's the best one so far.
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