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Great Pediatric Dentist in Needham & Franklin:...

Chesnut Dental is a great kids dentist.  It is a very kid-friendly environment and the kids wear sunglasses during the checkups, get pencils, stickers, tattoos, new toothbrushes and huge balloons.  Very friendly staff.  Very popular so they are often booked more than 6 months out - call early!

Audra L.
I had similar experiences wiht my two kids and had lost faith in the specialty of dentistry for kids. That is until I was told about my best friends dentist for her kids. She had been bragging about Dr. Mel this and Dr. Mel that. And boy am I glad I listened to her. I now take my kids there and BOY what a difference. This is exactly what I had hoped for my children. Warm caring staff that is attentive to my needs and theirs. There is a wait there because he's popular too but when my toddler fell at daycare they saw her right away. Hate Chestnut? Worth the drive to Framingham. Sooo happy to have found them.
My Daughter has been seen at this office for 2 yrs- (3 visits) My daughter had 8 teeth extracted and only has room for 4 adult teeth, so I wanted to be sure she was seeing reputable dr.s. The wait list is unbelievable- upwards of 6 mos +, and the hygienists are rough in showing kids how to floss and brush- 2 different hygienists on two different visits were grumpy, no patience and rough. The office is too busy to take the time to be gentle with the kids and the visits are rushed. After waiting 6 mos or more (I waited 8 mos) the least they can do is thank you for coming and take time to answer your questions thoroughly and kindly. One of the Dentists(I will not mention any names here) was very rude to me when I had specifically scheduled with the orthodontist and was seen by a different pediatric dentist. He was very rude and said I could leave now and reschedule with the orthodontist if I liked. I will never be back to this office. Children's Hospital in Boston has a great staff and a great practice where you feel your time is respected and questions understandable. Shame on Chestnut Dental for being so haughty. There are plenty of other fantastic pediatric dentists in MA.
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