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Great Spanish Learning Website

I just discovered a great new website for learning Spanish.  Our family is trying to learn and this will be a terrific resource for our endeaver. 

Since we are relatively new to Spanish, I've been using the Dictionary section, so I can have the kids choose a few words for the day and we translate them right there.  The best thing is that once the word is translated, you can click the little sound icon to actually HEAR the word spoken in Spanish!  This is a tremendous help.

There is also sections that include Flashcards, Answers to common questions and Phrase Translation.  I am so pleased with it so far.

My goal is to pick a few words each day to start and then advance to phrases.  It's been on my to do list for so ling - perhaps this site will help us get going on learning to speak Spanish together.

Another fun DVD that goes over the basics to music is called Rock & Learn Spanish. (I'm pretty sure you can find these on Amazon - but you can read more about the company that makes them here).   If you can get over the general hokiness of it - it really isn't a bad way to learn the fundamentals.  It's geared for kids, but the songs are catchy and can be easily remembered.

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