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Great Way to Get Your Family Drinking More Water...

I found a new way to get my family (including me!) to drink more water!  It is an organic drink mix concentrate called Flavrz.  What's really great about it is that everyone loves the taste and it is low sugar, low calorie (10-45 calories depending on how much you use)  low cost, all natural and is organic. They used agave to sweeten it, so it tastes wonderfully fresh and natural. 

It is great for me because it is only about 30 calories the way I like it, the kids love the sweet flavors (cherry berry and tropical) , and my husband likes the tangy and tart lemon lime flavor.  I keep switching which one is my favorite!

Flavrz comes in a glass bottle in a concentrate form, so we save on all those plastic bottles!  You get like 40  servings to a bottle so it is a cheap way to flavor your water.  Everyone in my family uses a different amount and flavor, so everyone is happy. We just put a pitcher of water on the table and the 3 different flavors (Cherry Berry, Lemon Lime , Tropical) and everyone makes their own drinks. This has been a huge savings on our grocery bill now that we stopped buying all those flavored waters and plastic water bottles. We figure that the price comes down to about .25 cents a serving the way we drink it!

Flavrz is brand new on the market, but is starting to be found at New England and New York  grocery stores such as Shaws, Crosbys, and at some of the smaller health food stores like or you can order from their website.

Jen F.
Even healthier for all add lemons or limes to your water
My doctor says I need to drink more water but it's hard for me to drink plain water all the time. This is a great tip and will look for it here in my grocery store. I hope they have it in my state.
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