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Grippies: Add a Non-slip Surface to Kidsí Socks...

If you have sock traction issues with your kids, GRIPPIES is the product for you.  GRIPPIES is the "non-slip solution" that enables parents to add a non-skid surface to their kids’ socks, tights, and gloves, which can prevent injuries associated with every day slips and falls. Both stick-on and iron-on GRIPPIES are made of a revolutionary material that adheres easily to garments. Once applied, the product provides traction much like pre-made non-skid socks.

GRIPPIES provides extra support and safety to everyday activities in the house, at the gym, or in childcare.  Great for kids going through the “slip and fall” stage as they learning to walk, run, and jump.

Purchase them online, as they are not widely sold in stores (yet!). 

I've had these for a while. They work very well but after a while, they do get very "cruddy" and start to curl up along the edges. I'm going to try the puffy paint...
These are a mom's lifesaver for sure!!! Very innovative and fun product for busy moms like me!
Amy Z.
Great product! We used it on a bunk bed ladder so the kids wouldn't slip while climbing. Think outside the box and use Grippies on other places than just clothing!
Stacey K.
These are awesome! My son was sliding all over a friend's hard wood floor and I pull out my packet of Grippies and put them right on his socks. Instantly fixed the problem. I have washed them several times since and they are still on and work the same. Can't wait to use them on my daughters tights when she gets older.
Ronnie K.
Got these for my grandkids and used them myself for pilates (was able to wear my socks instead of being barefoot!). They work and were instantly useable. Put on my granddaughters' tights. Great for wood floors. Get yours! Great product.
My little one is starting to cruise and use a walker and we have wood floors everywhere. The stick-on GRIPPIES are fantastic for those learning to walk. They are so easy to use, and now she is not slip sliding all over the place!!
Creativegirl .
I agree...the puffy paint is a good solution BUT it wears off too fast. Its also time consuming...who has time to wait for it to dry? At the rate my kids run around and use up those socks I need something that's quick and long-lasting and GRIPPIES has really been the best solution BY FAR.
Yes, puffy paint works ok, but not as well as this product. The stick-on GRIPPIES comes in a sheet like stickers, just stick them on and there's the traction, I put them on my daughter's tights when the tights were on her body! No drying time! I'm sure the iron-ons are great too, but personally my kids are very active and I love instant gratification...
You can do the same thing with puffy fabric paint. It comes in bottles with a pointy tip. Just make polka dots where you don't want to slip. They dry rubbery.
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