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Grocery Delivery: Start the Year off with a Little...

Getting your groceries delivered can be economical in time as well as money.  Whether you do it once or once a week, it can be a saving grace for starting off the year on the right foot.  If you can avoid going shopping in a blizzard, or carrying a heavy load of groceries up the icy walk just once it is worth it. When my children were first born, I used Peapod for delivery once or twice.  I also usually place at least one big winter order with all the heavy stuff so that I don't have to trek back and forth with all the heavy bags while leaving the kids in the car or in the house.

We miss getting our local organic veggies and fruit from our local CSA farm so now we've decided to start up Boston Organics again.  There is nothing more inspirational for soups, stews, and warm roasting vegetables to eat well and eat right this winter and year to come.  If you have a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered to your door you will be sure to use them in this way.  I find my cooking is healthier foods when I know we have vegetables coming to us either from the farm or in our delivery box.  

So give yourself the gift of time and put it towards some other goal this year.  Spend the time you would spend shopping sitting with your family or by yourself sipping a cup of tea or coffee.  Spend the time reading a couple extra pages of your book or magazine.  Spend the time starting a project that you wanted or spend the time going sledding with your children.

Happy New Year.

Leah Klein

Boston Family Foodie

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