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Grocery Shopping Can Be Fun with Your Kids...

Have you ever asked yourself why do grocery stores and kids not mix? Why can't all grocery stores have mandatory babysitting? Well, to a kid-unless you have a Wegman's in your area-grocery stores are one big boring trip, just another errand. Well, I discovered a way to make it a fun and easy time, because even fabulous Wegman's can sometimes not be thrilling to a 4 year old.

So, tonight I decided we would do a scavenger hunt of sorts in the store. Of course I did not write down clues and hide things, but I described a characteristic about the item and she went with it. It is kind of a combo of  I Spy and a Scavenger Hunt. For instance: I said to her this comes from a cow and you put it on sandwiches and pizza and she said, "milk." That was not quite what I was going for, so I explained to her it was cheese and told her she was hot, warm or cold when she was locating it and she loved that part. But, you can always go to an aisle and say the item is in a red box for ex., or it has a tiger on it and let them point it out.

Okay, I know that you are in a hurry, because we all are right? But what is 5 extra minutes to make your child smile and laugh instead of being the kid who is crying because they are tired or want that lollipop? I will tell you what, it works, it is fun and I would much rather be the parent that gets home later, or doesn't beat the traffic or whatever to have a positive and happy experience with my child. That makes everyone happy!

Have fun hunting!!!!!

I make it an I Spy game. They love it when the scavenger hunt gets old. I also allow them to put items that is on the list (I use a picture list on recipe cards) in the cart and the recipe card that goes with it.
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