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Guard Up Family Swordsmanship After School Program...

Does your child sit behind a computer after school?  Unplug them and let them LIVE the adventure!

Here’s how it works: We pick up your child or teen from their school in our “Hero Van” and bring them to our 7200 square foot air conditioned facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, located near the Burlington Mall. Upon arrival, kids can have a light snack and then those who need to get homework done meet in our Study Room.

You can choose how much of your child’s homework needs to be complete before they begin their after school adventure. We even provide an optional written agreement between you and your child that details how much of their homework must be complete before they begin their adventure.  We also have staff who can provide academic assistance to those students who need it.

Immediately following the completion of their homework, our heroes pick up our safe Foam Swords and they enter into our magical realm called “Sidleterra” where they will fight monsters and villains, meet creatures from folklore, discover treasure and solve mysteries. Each day, the adventure picks up where it left off… so kids are never bored with the ever changing plot. Those who are too tired from a long day of school can opt for crafts that actually integrate into the storyline.

Now for the Parents: Our adventures focus on teaching kids important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and creative problem solving. Our instructors are highly trained in our own Positive Coaching method which emphasizes improvement and fun over competitive winning. Our activities also foster cooperation, fair play and friendship.  As well, our adventures are educational with kids learning to decypher scrolls written in Latin, negotiate treaties, construct armor and even learn a bit about chemistry in “Potion Making”.

By emphasizing homework completion, students are motivated to get their work done and then enjoy the reward of an exciting and educational adventure. 

You can drop by to pick up your kids as late as 6pm. Tuition is based on the school semester and 5 days-a-week with options for 1-4 days if capacity has not been reached. Daily drop-ins are welcome depending upon available space. We pride ourselves in outstanding staff-student ratios (starting at 1:6 depending on age group). We also provide coverage for school half days and days off including winter and spring break.

Currently, our vans run pick up to the Woburn, Billerica, Lexington, Bedford, and Burlington elementary schools. However, if we are picking up a group of 3 or more students from another local school or gathering point, we may be able to send an additional van to that location. So if your child is in another school and has friends who are interested, we may be able to accommodate you.

We encourage you to try a Free Sword Class before enrolling to make sure this is the best program for you and your young hero. 

For a limited time:  Try your first 2 weeks of our After School Program for FREE!   There are no commitments required.  If you don’t agree that we are the best option for your child, simply cancel your account.  Please call (781) 270-4800 or for more information.  Note:  This is limited to the first 20 reservations.

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