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Guide to Creating Mother Daughter Book Clubs

Book by Book is a great resource book for mothers who are looking for a postive and valuable way to connect with their daughters by creating a a Mother-Daughter Book Club!  The guide provides moms with all of the information they'd need to start, maintain, and thoroughly enjoy their book clubs, with strategies for every stage of the process.  What a solidly positive idea!  Helpful chapters include;

- Book Club Guidelines
- Discussion Questions that will Work for Most Books

- Games to Keep Things Lively
- Tips for Managing Discussions
- How to Handle Touchy Subjects
- Delicious Recipes
- Age Appropriate Reading Lists 

It's really well written and inspires moms to share their love of reading as well as to foster solid communication as their mother-daughter relationships grow & change.   It clearly shows how a mother daughter book club would be great way to open coverstaion about tough issues in a group setting by discussing them through characters in a book.  Problems of fears that characters face may be similar to those that are facing your daughter, and group discussion can open up new perspectives.

Book clubs may aslo help bolster your daughter's self-esteem and encourage her to speak up in class or in general about her thoughts on issues. 

I enjoyed the real-life examples that were used throughout the book.  It's a good read in general - but if you are at all interested in setting up a mother daughter book club - this is an outstanding place to start.

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