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Hallmark Recordable Books Great Family Gift

Hallmark has come out with some great new recordable storybooks.  These new recordable books allow you to  read the story in your own voice to a child.  You maybe a grandparent that wants to read Good night moon to their grandson or you could be a solider Dad and wants his little girl to hear his voice at story time each night reading my little princess. 

Some of the titles include some literary classics  

 All the Ways I Love You

Guess How MuchI Love You

Counting Kisses 

On the Night You Were Born

My Little Princess

Good night moon  

This is a great gift for all times of the year for a young boy or girl  including Valentines Day and these books can be found at your local Hallmark store as well as online at

Jeffrey S.
I bought a book for my daughter as I am currently a good distance away from her and my wife uses it during the bedtime routine. It works rather well (in a well lit room) and gives me some comfort knowing my daughter can still hear my voice while I'm away.
They are about $30-$35
Mary M.
What is the price of your recordable story book?
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