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Handy Household Forms & Checklists from Real Simple...

Use Real Simple's printable budgets, contact lists, gift checklists, household inventory worksheets, and other forms to help you get organized.  Worksheets available include:

  • Birthday Organizer Worksheet
  • Cleaning Schedule for everything in your home
  • Stain Removal Guide
  • Monthly Bill Worksheet
  • Monthly Spending Worksheet
  • Weekly Expenses Form
  • Gift Inventory Worksheet
  • Family Phone Contact Sheet
  • Family Cribsheet [Rules, Habits, Quirks]
  • and more
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Emily L.
Www dot realsimple dot com slash checklist
Tim L.
The web link is bad, missing a "w" in the "www", add the 3rd "W" and the site comes up
Samantha J.
Wow! I really like Real Simple to help save $... Some things I knew and I even wrote a book on "Helping Parents to Penny Pinch Those Pennies", but I didn't know all the deductions you can make from your taxes... I'm still learning... This is a great resource for those needing help saving $, new ideas for old things, etc... Thank you!
Sandra C.
Hey Mary, I didn't know about it - lighten up!
Mary M.
The site is wonderful, but who doesn't know about it? The link would be more useful if it actually went to the forms. Thanks for wasting my time.
This site is wonderful. My favorite checklist is the 'Periodic Table of Cleaning', listed under the "Essential Everyday Forms and Checklists" section. Great breakdown of all major housecleaning chores. Thanks so much!
Gaby A.
I liked this site a lot, thanks. Very useful
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