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Hard Floor Steam Cleaner - Makes Cleaning Easier...

If you are sick and tired of mops and swiffers, or even worse, cleaning floors on your hands and knees - a hard floor steam cleaner is well worth your money. We happen to have travertine flooring in our home and I have tried every kind of mop and floor cleaner known to man.  Mops left my floors streaked and while getting on my hands and knees worked okay, I it was hard on my knees and took forever. 

I really enjoyed using the Swiffer for awhile, it seemed to work quite well, but then I found out that the chemicals aren't good for kids or pets.  It also got to be pretty expensive to replace the cleaning solution all the time.  Moms know that floors require cleaning often! 

I had heard really good things about hard floor steam cleaners, but wasn't sure if I wanted to spend a ton of money on an expensive one nor was I sure that a cheap one would work well enough to be worth my money. I finally picked up the Bissel Hard Floor Steam Cleaner, and I've got to say that I've been surprisingly pleased with it.  

My entire house is tile so I thought that I would need a large steam cleaner to really do a good job, but this little one works well.  It's easy to use and only requires water - no harsh chemicals and no extra money spent once I bought the cleaner.  I also really like that it comes with microfiber cloths that are washable.  They wash up really well, and I've been using the same 4 for about a month now. Eventually I'll have to replace them, but it's certainly cheaper than buying new cleaning solution for my Swiffer every week.  

This Hard Floor Steam Cleaner is a great choice, whether you have a large or small amount of hard floor in your home. It's easy to use - even my 13-year old doesn't mind doing floors with this thing! 

Linda B.
My steam cleaneris the "shark". Sounds exactly the same as the Bissel. I use it on tile and hardwood floors. I feel safe using it on my hardwood as it dries really quickly. It has not had any negative affect on them. No chemicals as I have a 14 month old who still loves to crawl around.
That's a good question. I have had no issues with my tile...I do wonder about wood, although many of them claim to be completely safe on wood floors.
Joan L.
Does the hot steam take off the finish after many cleanings? I love to use the steam mop on my tile foors. Joan
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