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Have a kid that won't eat? Try this trick.

Our 4 yr old is a pretty good eater but some times she doesn't always want to eat (when we know she is hungry).  So when we need to get her to eat something, even if it is just for a few bites we use reverse psychology on her.  We start eating our food and tell her, "Oh you can't finish that can you?  I bet you can't." and she'll say, "Yes I can. Watch me. " and all of a sudden she will start eating. They will respond to this vs. nagging them to eat.  Or sometimes we will change it around and say, "Well if you're not going to eat it, then we'll give it to your sister." and of course she starts eating.  Another thing that works is we will tell her how many bites to take and she will be focusing more on the counting so she is distracted.  We don't yell or nag; we just say it in a very non-chalant mannner as if it is not a big deal and it always works. Also for both of our kids, we don't put a lot of food on their plates because we find it can be too overwhelming for them to feel like they have to finish all of it.  So we give them a little bit at a time and if they want more they can have more and it also helps make them feel like they have some control which they like. 

Ok to be clear, I never force feed my kids bc they are generally good eaters like I mention in the description. I never expect them to finish everything bc they do know when they are full. However, for me, this trick works when I need to get them to just take 2 or 3 bites of food when I know my kids are hungry but won't eat bc of a distraction (like at a bday party etc.). It's not something you should do to make them clear a plate but when you know your kid is hungry and refuses, that's when my main concern is just to get some food in the belly. Again it is just a suggestion that might work for some and not for others.
Lana T.
Great advice! I will try it for my grandson. He is a bad eater!!! Thank you!
Nicole H.
You have to be careful not to get into habit of trying to make them eat . When they are hungry they will let you know. That's a quick way of starting eating disorders
Cynthia L.
My husband can do this trick with success but I have tried it in the past and my 4-yr-old son looks at me like "Nice try Ma".
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