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Have a Talent You Want Others to Know About?

In this recession, with job loss that sometimes includes loss of home, new employment is difficult to find. This article, which at first seems self-serving, discusses the talents and promotion of other people who have lost their homes or jobs.

While singers have a format like American Idol to showcase their talents, and other people with acrobatic prowess find stages like America's Got Talent or Britain's Got Talent, many people have other talents – they design jewelry, stain glass, or run web sites devoted to helping people deal with cancer – those are the people the writer would like to help, because they are the people who deserve more recognition.

While she admits her articles and blogs don't generate the number of fans that view American Idol, she wants to provide a stage (of sorts) for people to showcase their talents – by writing about them. Are you a woodworker, a greeting card writer, or other entrepreneur? If so, or if you have some other talent you'd like to turn into a career, read:

Have a Talent You Want Others to Know About?

Economic Desperation Calls for Desperate Measures
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