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Have an Intergalactic Sword Battle Birthday

This year my son wanted something different from the usual laser tag style party for his 11th birthday. We found Guard up! in Burlington to fit the bill perfectly. They have a party room, a battle room , and great instructors/party leaders. We chose the Space Battle, and the instructor, David, was great at keeping the boys interested in the game. Foam swords are used for safety, but the boys didn't seem to mind not having the real fencing swords . They emerged from their hour long battle tired but happy Jedis.

I was particularly impressed with the ease with which the instructor was able to keep the kids focused and their behavior in check(boys with swords of any kind can get a bit rambunctious). Safety and respect were reinforced all within a very fun atmosphere.

Parents have a large viewing window through which to watch the game, although seating is limited . This venue works better as a drop off party because there wouldn't have been room to accommodate all of the parents had they stayed. This location is just past the Burlington Mall, so parents can easily find something to do in the area if they don't stay at the party.

The party room had two large tables and benches, a gift/cake table, and a trash barrel. Guard Up does provide all paper supplies and tablecloths in the party room, but they are generic, and I suggest you might bring your own if you wanted themed party ware.

The facility was clean and well maintained, the restrooms were very clean. The front desk was staffed at all times for safety. 

Througout the party planning process Guard Up ! was very thorough with information, making sure everything was confirmed. They also provided follow up and gave our son a free fencing lesson offer following the party. We were very happy with the location and staff and recommend it highly!

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