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Have You Gotten A GPS Yet?

Have you gotten a GPS system yet? I didn't want to spend the money (as usual!) but my hsuband got us a Garmin anyway, and now I don't know how I lived without it. I LOVE it! I feel safe and secure going anywhere, with or without the kids. I know I will never get lost or be hours late. We named ours Olivia, because we are using the Australian voice (get it?) and "she" tells us exactly what time we will be arriving, so we can plan and call ahead and let others plan. She is easy to use-I didnt even really read the directions. It cost under $300, but they come in all price ranges, with all kinds of fancy features. You should definately check into it, and if you're buying a new car, definately get a GPS even if it costs a bit more. It really, truly is worth it.

Amy S.
Agree 100%. We also use the Australian voice and named ours Jamie, after the NPR reporter Jamie Terrabai. (Our kids must be older than yours.) I was the one who purchased ours, because my husband's the one who would say that a regular old map is just fine, but we are both completely hooked and have given it as a (very nice) gift as well. The Nuvi is so portable, you also can use it while walking around. It's great for finding restaurants and stores. Just press "Restaurant," "Italian," for example, and you get multiple listings with location and phone. Plus, my kids can listen to books on tape on this device, which we download from Finally, I would recommend a Garmin Nuvi over a car factory system. We just bought a new car and were planning to get the nav system. But we found out that due to safety issues (read liability issues) you cannot reprogram the nav while the car is in motion, at least, not the cars we were considering. You have to pull over. This is not practical at all. On a long trip the front seat passenger often has a reason to work with the nav system, for example, to find a better route if there is a detour not detected by the nav or to find a local store or restaurant. So, we decided to go without the nav system in the car and just stick with the Garmin. We decided it was also cheaper to buy a second Garmin and keep one in each car, so we never find ourselves stuck. The Garmin is 300-700, while car systems are 1200+ and can't leave the car. All in all, highly recommended and I would go so far as to say it has changed our lives -- on our last long road trip we had only one brief moment of debate/argument over which road we took -- this was over ten days! Let's just say this is an improvement over the past 15+ years of driving around as a couple!
We absolutely love our Nuvi! If I'm lost, I just click on Go Home! :)
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