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Healthworks Chestnut Hill, Gym for Women Only

For those looking to work off baby weight or simply join a gym to be healthier but are home with your baby/toddler all day, Healthworks in Chestnut Hill is a terrific option if you are want a good gym but are wary of babysitting. The gym itself offers classes and the standard machinary. The great thing about it though, is the babysitting. While pricey, it is very clean and the best part is that there are cameras trained on the children and providers and you can see what is going on from the machines with tv's on them. It is a good way to leave your child in the care of someone else for the first time - you get to work out and get peace of mind that your child is fine without you.

Di G.
My son fractured his finger in the babysitting at this location when he was a toddler. While the woman on staff wasn't watching, he caught his finger in the bathroom door hinge. The club did nothing to rectify the problem (same door on the bathroom, not gated to keep kids away like at other gyms). The manager actually gave me a hard time about cancelling my membership. He had to wear a full-arm cast for several weeks because the felt a splint wouldn't work for an 18-month-old. Sure, the cameras are great, I loved them. Until I saw my son screaming on it.
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