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Healthy & Cheap Microwave Popcorn

I'm a sucker for microwave popcorn. But given the delicious buttery gak they put in there has been linked to "popcorn lung" when consumed in very large quantities, and the fact that I've been spending a lot on snacks lately, I decided to try to make my own version of microwave popcorn. Here's one recipe I found:

1/2 cup unpopped popcorn

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Salt to taste

In a small bowl, mix together the unpopped popcorn and oil. Pour the coated corn into a brown paper lunch sack, and sprinkle in the salt. Fold the top of the bag over twice to seal in the ingredients.
Cook in the microwave on high for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, or until you hear pauses of about 2 seconds between pops. Carefully open the bag to avoid steam, and pour into a serving bowl.
Anne N.
We do this all the time & LOVE it. We skip the step of mixing it in the bowl & just give the bag a little shake with the oil & salt. I don't know about the microwave repairman...but I do know that we can't pop more than one bag or the automatic sensor won't work. We also put a staple on the top (per Alton Brown:-) & have never had any issues.
Thanks for the comment, Betty. Guess I'll switch to the stovetop.
Betty R.
Sounds good, but we were told by a microwave repairman that this is the surest way to ruin your microwave. We had a major problem with ours and the first thing he asked is if we had been popping corn. We hadn't, but he said most repairs he had to do were because people put corn in a brown paper bag to pop. He said the commercial stuff is OK, but not to do homemade. It's just so easy to put corn in a little oil in a pan on the stove over medium heat that I'd avoid taking any chances with this.
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