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Hello Kitty Website

Sanrio, the maker of Hello Kitty, offers creative fun on this Hello Kitty website.  The Art Center allows you to choose characters and create your own scenes to print and color.  There are also games, puzzles and other activities that any Hello Kitty fan will find entertaining.  

If you need a gift for a Hello Kitty lover, you can shop on the site and find Hello Kitty or other Sanrio characters on clothes, jewelry, luggage, coffee makers, just about any item that comes to mind.

Tracey S.
This is the coolest website ever. The art center, where your children can create their own picture is fabulous! It differs from other "create a picture" websites in that you can print your finished creatiion in a variety of ways: as a coloring page (so your child can then recolor everything -- this is my daughter's favorite), and also as a finished picture, as stationary (the picture is shrunk to fit along the top edge of a piece of paper), as an e-card and other things. The site definitely shows things that you can buy, but that just sits over to the side of the page -- I didn't feel any pressure at all to buy stuff. Thanks for sharing this great site!
Michelle M.
The games are great for my daughter! Thanks for the info!
Jennifer K.
Waaaay too much sales pressure for my liking!
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