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Help for the Hungry

I hate passing the folks on the street who are holding signs saying they are hungry or homeless. I feel uncomfortable giving them money for different reasons but I feel like I should do something for them.

Yes, I know some people beg because they're using drugs or b/c they can make a lot of money preying on others sympathies.  The trouble is, how do you tell which is which? 

I recently read a story about a woman who made a lunch for the homeless person she passed on the way to work every day.  I'm not on the ball enough to remember to pack a lunch on the days I will see the homeless folks, but as a mom, my pantry is full of non-perishable, ready to eat, no-heating-required foods that I can pack into bags and LEAVE in the car for when I see people in need.  Think breakfast bars, boxed milk, juice boxes, water bottles, individual cereal boxes, fruit cups, individual packs of cookies/ pretzels/ cheese & crackers, pop-top canned foods (meats, tuna, soup, chili, veggies, etc.), plastic utensis, and hand wipes.  If it's in a can, make sure it's something they can get into without a can opener.

We can all feel good that someone - regardless of what led them to this point - needed and now HAS a full tummy because of what we did.  They're somebody's kiddo, too.  It also is an opportunity to teach our little ones about responsibility to our neighbors, compassion, and gratitude.

It's not gourmet and may not be the healthiest but at least it's something!  Also, can't hurt to have a little something in the car for an emergency for your own family.  Please use good judgement and do not endanger your own safety or that of your children in your attempts to help.

Jenn C.
Thanks for the wonderful idea! It is important to keep those less fortunate in mind to serve them.
Char J.
Good idea thank you
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