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Help For The New Mom

I was recently asked to throw a luncheon for a friend who is having her second baby in a few months. Because it was her second child, she did not register for anything and was adamant that she did not want people to bring gifts.

At the lunch, I put out a sheet that listed all of the guests' names and email addresses. I then asked all the guests to verify that I had their correct email address written down so that they could receive pictures and news of the baby's arrival. Next to their name I placed a box with the question, "How would you like to help Sarah after baby number 2 arrives?" Next to that I put the words "When?"

Friends and family members quickly filled in the boxes next to their names with comments like "bring dinner," "babysit older daughter while Sarah feeds baby," "pick up dry cleaning," "help with laundry,"and "deliver movies."

After the shower, I copied the email list into my computer and placed a number next to everyone's name. I then emailed a copy of the list to the first person on the list with a confirmation of what they had volunteered to do for Sarah and the time frame in which they would do it and in the subject line of the email I wrote, "Friendly Reminder." At the bottom of the email there was a request to forward on this email to the next volunteer on the list to keep the giving tree going.

Not only did Sarah know ahead of time that she could count on having help from friends and family once her second child arrived, but it was an easy way to create an email tree of giving for a new mother.

This technique is also a good way to pass along news and pictures of the baby's arrival to other friends and family members so that the new mom is not forced to do it herself.

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