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Help Kids Cope with Overly Sexy Media and Social...

Have you noticed preschoolers gyrating like MTV dancers and preteen girls worrying that they are fat, and wanting to be "sexy"? I have, and it has concerned me, but I have felt a little helpless in the face of it.

The authors of this book stress that the problem is not that children are learning about sex, but what they are learning about it, when they are learning about it, and who they are learning about it from. The book aims to help parents equip their kids with problem solving skills and coping skills for the messages that they will receive, even if you shelter them, either from other kids, from media you didn't realize was sending messages, etc.

As I read this book, I am becoming aware that the problem is both more pervasive and more complicated than I was aware. It has covered more obvious aspects, like TV commercials, but also suggests toys and activities that help kids develop general problem-solving skills without forcing them to play according to preset scripts and/or overly stereotyped gender roles.

The book encourages parents to work together and work with schools to help kids fight against the media messages regarding sexuality, self-perception, and relationships that are purely trying to sell them products, but using cruel tactics to do so. It outlines the problems, and then steps you can take to help equip your child (going much beyond something overly simple, like don't ever let them watch TV).

I highly recommend this, and hope it proves helpful.

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